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    Regarding PSoC4S Self Test of CapSense_TST_SNS2SNS_SHORT


      Hello Cypress.




      Customer says that test result of Self Test of CapSense_TST_SNS2SNS_SHORT changes depending on CapSense component version.


      In 4.0 version, test result becomes pass.

      But test result becomes fail at 6.0.

      (Conditions other than CapSense Version does not change.)


      Is there possibility that test result changes depending on CapSense version?


      Has test procedure changed in V4.0 and V6.0?

      Or is test procedure of V4.0 and V6.0 same?




      Below is description of CapSense component DS.


      DS explains about adding VDDA test to Self Test.


      Could you please let us know changes in Self Test other than below.

      Customers would like to know what has changed from V4.0 to V6.0.


      They think that there may be minor changes other than below because short test result changes depending on version.



      Best Regards.

      Yutaka Matsubara