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    Cooee agent on Android/iOS?

      Where could I find the Cooee agent on Android/iOS?

      Any more document/code on the Windows agent?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Since Cooee does not work well with MiMo or 5GHz mixed solutions, we have been re-thinking how to roll it out. I will get back to you when we know more.

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            Hi Gangi,

            Even though Cooee does not work well for all situations, I think we can provide

            multiple ways to config the device.

            Excluding the MiMo or 5GHz mixed cases, should Cooee work in SDK-3.1.2?

            In my test on SDK-3.1.2, the Cooee does not work at all. Any comment?


            Yet another question is the snip code shows it needs to set AP channel

            before calling wiced_easy_setup_start_cooee() which is very strange.