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    Issue with Em-EEprom.... again


      Dear Community,


      here we go again.


      So I manged to write a code that writes values into the flash but now I am facing a problem that looks very weird to me (bug?).



      I created a variable in flash "store" (address: 0x000013d8) and intilized it with a value of 2.


      Then I wrote using the EEPROM_Write(...) function a new value of 3 in the flash:



      Then I tried to read this value into a uint8 variable state (address 0x1fff8168) (it does not work with state=store either):


      The problem is; after the first line the state variable contains allways the intializing value (in this case 2) and not what is actually stored under the address  of store (the value under the address 0x000013d8 is still the same (3)).