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    Does the CX3 report it's operating USB mode to the ARM core?



      We are looking to use the CX3 to provide a USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 compatible camera device. The customer currently only requests 1080p@30fps over USB 2.0 which requires compression, however most PCs where these devices will be used have USB 3.0 capabilities, which can send 1080p@30fps uncompressed.


      For a sort of "value added" feature-set I am wondering if the CX3 will report it's current operating mode to the ARM core so that we might be able to implement dynamic control of the compression scheme of the image sensor depending on whether the connection can handle it or not. Ideally we want a solution that can handle 1080p@30fps 10-bit uncompressed with room in the future for higher resolutions or refresh rates re-using the CX3 and simply upgrading the image sensor.