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    What happens on chip side when "To Device" button is pressed on PSoC Tuner Tool?


      I am using PSoC creator with CY8C4025LQI-S411 and two self capacitance buttons.


      So, for tuning parameters process, there is one option in the PSoC tuner tool for applying new parameters "To Device" that way functionality can be tested with the adjustment. 


      I'm trying to figure out is the chain of function calls that are performed in the micro side firmware to write the new parameter value coming from PSoC Tuner when "To Device" button is pressed.


      Does anyone have a clue on what functions are called in the micro firmware?

      Due to some restrictions, I'm looking for a way to tune that micro over UART, so, knowing the APIs/functions used I could probably replicate and set them up so that way when we get a UART tuning message I can do the same process.


      Any advice is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.