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    power charge still not work (question for Lisa only)


      Hi Lisa,

      I replaced the MOSFET name PD_FET_DR_N_JN_FET in pd_hal_set_fet_drive() of main.c and the variable pd_pctrl_drive and pd_cctrl_drive (the consume control signal is not used in my project) of pdss_hal.c with PD_FET_DR_P_JN_FET and found the VBUS_P_CTRL 0/1 might work but the Samsung in the USB-C is still not being charged.



      pd_hal_set_fet_drive(PD_FET_DR_P_JN_FET, PD_FET_DR_P_JN_FET);



      /* Configuration provided from solution. */

      static pd_fet_dr_t      pd_pctrl_drive              = PD_FET_DR_P_JN_FET;

      static pd_fet_dr_t      pd_cctrl_drive              = PD_FET_DR_P_JN_FET;


      The MOSFET is not turned on before and after Samsung plugged.


      before Samsung plugged in: VBUS_P_CTRL1 =4.0V, VBUS_P_CTRL0=4.2V, VBUS =0v

      after Samsung plugged in: VBUS_P_CTRL1=4.2V, VBUS_P_CTRL0=4.2V,VBUS=5.2v (the power from Samsung)


      The CYPD3123 is powered on all the time by a +5v dc/dc in cicruit.


      Below are measured signal voltages from a purchased board with CYPD3125 as power delivery:

      before Samsung plugged in: VBUS_P_CTRL1 =1.6V, VBUS_P_CTRL0=1.6V, VBUS =2.48v

      after Samsung plugged in: VBUS_P_CTRL1=0V, VBUS_P_CTRL0=0V,VBUS=5.1v


      Please advise.



      Derong Yuan

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          Hi Derong,


          The U6 should be load on your board.


          From your configuration of gate drive is P MOS FET, the CCG3 is working correctly with your case when U6 is load. The Provider path is enabled by VBUS_P_CTRL0/1 =0, this is P MOS drive logic. But the small error on your end is the status of before Samsung plugged in, the VBUS_P_CTRL0/1 = 1.6V and VBUS = 2.48. Please kindly follow my comment to change the pull-down resistor to pull-up to make sure VBUS_P_CTRL is same value as power source side. So that the VBUS will comes to 0V at unattached status.


          Best Regards,