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    (CYW943907) network_tcp_send_packet error with 0x39


      When I use the network_tcp_send_packet from the wiced_tcp_send_buffer, Error 0x39 [NX_WINDOW_OVERFLOW] is occurs.Our application sends about 25kbytes data via wi-fi(2.4GHz) at regular intervals about 160ms. This problem is happened sometimes in a few hours. And this situation is very similar to previous discussion show in https://community.cypress.com/message/7087#7087 in long ago.


      How can I fix this problem at latest SDK version 6.2 ?


      Error log

      + wiced_tcp_send_buffer() returns 0x39 [NX_WINDOW_OVERFLOW]

      + wiced_tcp_send_buffer() returns WICED_ERROR



      + SDK: WICED-Studio-6.2

      + Device: CYW943907AEVAL1F

      + MakeTarget Option: -ThreadX-NetX-Duo