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    TLS Memory Leak on HTTPS Web Server and HTTPS Client (CYW943907AEVAL1F)


      It appears that there is a bit of a memory leak on my HTTPS web server and HTTPS client.  The common link is TLS. 


      After repeated serving of web pages to a given client (via the web server) or periodically connecting to an external server (via the client), printing malloc_info shows the arena/uordblks/keepcost counting in one direction (and that direction is "up").


      I see various threads on TLS memory leaks on this forum, but none that are recent, helpful or conclusive.


      I was wondering if anyone has observed this recently, and if so, were there any debugging techniques that were hepful?  Digging into the underbelly of TLS doesn't sound like a fun project...


      Suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!