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    I would like to be able to compile, link and load a small portion of code (driver) into an arbitrary area of memory and run it.


      I have some firmware in a PSoC4 that runs and communicates to the I2C bus.  I would like to be able to load "drivers" for various I2C devices into the unit at run time.  I do not want to have to maintain N versions of the whole firmware for N sensors as this would be unmanageable.  I need to only load the portion that actually interacts with the sensor.


      What I had hoped was that I could compile and manage the drivers separately and load them at run time depending on which sensor was plugged in.  (I already have a method for detecting which sensor is plugged in - hot swap).


      I put up a question for this before, but it seems that I was not clear enough on what I was trying to do as it got marked answered and was locked before I was able to respond to a question.