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    Getting more than 100 ADC notices: Analog signal "Net_xxxx" is connected to one terminal only




      I'm doing a PCB involving a CY8CKIT-059. The PSoC uses 2 Sequencing SAR ADCs (one with 8 differential channels, one with 4 single-ended channels), the USB component, a UART component, and multiple GPIOs. I'm also outputting 1.024V to a pin. I had to use the auto-assignment of pins because the analog iterative improvement did not converge when I manually assigned the pins.


      Now, everything builds fine, but I get 107 notices that "Net_xxxx" is connected to one terminal only. Is this normal? What can I do to improve the design?


      Also, concerning my routing of 1.024V to a pin, I get the warning "Voltage Reference Information: Vref '1.024V' is connected to terminal 'analog_0' of 'VREF_OUT' but no direct hardware connection exists." Will it work?


      Thank you,