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    PSOC 4 BLE Connection problem on Creator 4.2 compile


      Two years ago, we made a project with CYBLE-012011 and Creator 3.3. It works good. Also we developed An Android and IOS applications. The applications also connnect, pair and communicate perfectly.

      But today we updated the project from Creator 3.3 project to Creator 4.2 one. Also we updated necessary component/stack. But now, our IOS and Android devices cannot connect easily. Many times, we try 5-6 pairing attempts. Bonding password captured by phone's system 15-20 seconds after request. This is very very slow. Also sometimes we can't send any byte even if we paired succesfully.

      Also we have another test application on Android, currently it only trigs pairing mechanism, cannot send any byte. But our old compile (Creator 3.3) every application on our hands, paired immediatelly and communicates without any problem.


      Is there anybody who had same problem before.?


      Also i looked at the BLE stack component's properties and no different between CR3.3 and CR4.2. Only API level i think.


      CR3.3 has also overcurrent problem when CyBle_Stop() command is calling sometimes. This is the reason why we must upgrade to CR4.2. But currently we stuck.