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    Can I set a buffer more than 256 byte for I2C in Slave Mode?



      I am trying to write a simple I2C program as I2C_Slave on a CY8CKIT-050.

      I already a success with "Read_Buffer[255]" and "I2C_1_SlaveInitReadBuf((uint8 *) Read_Buffer, 255);"


      Nothing is Problem if I use just 256 bytes.


      but For My Project, the Read_Buffer should have more than 256 bytes almost 1000 bytes.


      If the PSoC is the Master Mode,

      I can send and receive more than 256 bytes with "I2C_1_MasterReadByte" and "I2C_1_MasterWriteByte".


      but as the slave, I can not find any API to solve this problem.

      there is only command to set a buffer as "I2C_1_SlaveInitWriteBuf" and "I2C_1_SlaveInitReadBuf".

      and the two commands support only 256 bytes.


      In my project,

      Host(Android) send a command to give time for prepared data.

      and, Host(Android) read 1000 bytes data in a time.


      If you have any advise, please let me know.


      Thank you