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    Can you dynamically change from a custom profile to broadcaster or observer


      Is it possible to change from a defined custom profile to the observer or broadcaster role.

      Asked differently, can a custom profile have a broadcaster or observer function?


      We have a product, using Cypress PSoC that has a Passkey customer settable 6 digit PIN, we have a fixed stack boot loader, and have a successful product at this time.


      The customer has asked us to add a physical remote control, so we have designed a PSoC BLE remote control, push button, battery operated.  We know we can have the remote act as a central, provide a PIN code, but they do not want the remotes to use up the pairing spaces, and there is no way to enter the customer settable pin into the remote control.


      We think we can make the remote control a dynamic broadcaster, and the then turn the device being controlled from a peripheral/server device, into an observer, who will observe the dynamic payload of the remote control, when not connected to central.


      Can this be done?  Again, we have a custom profile, and we need to be able to dynamically switch between server, and an observer.


      I have reviewed the 101 projects, 9-12, so i am concern that we cannot make the device under control a server broadcasting and accepting connection requests, and then switch to observer mode and look to see if one of the remote controls is broadcasting?


      Thanks for any help or direction.

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