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    MiniProg3 vs MiniProg4 Target Power Issue


      MiniProg3 is working with the PSoC Programmer. MiniProg4 communicates with the PSoC Programmer in almost exactly the same way with one exception. The Voltage Setting, however, is grayed out. With MiniProg3 my target powered, but with MiniProg4 my target does not get powered. The Target Power status LED doe not light on MiniProg4. It would seem by the grayed out control and this LED not lighting, my PSoC Programmer/MiniProg4 is not delivering target power. Does anyone know how to change this?


      Installed CyInstaller Products:

      Bridge Control Panel

      Clock Programmer

      Device Database  3121

      Example Code  3121

      PSoC Programmer

      USB Bootloader Application  3121


      CY4541 CCG4 Daughter Card