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    cyw43907 wifi raspberry pi




      I have CYW943907AEVAL1F evaluation kit. I was wondering if we can use this as wifi module with the raspberry pi compute module IO board. I'm thinking these are pins to use. Please let me know if this is the right path to obtain wifi on the raspberry pi using this kit. Also can I use any other interface to get the wifi working other than SDIO?

      Is there a linux driver support for the cyw43907 module, to work with raspbian?


      FunctionCypress eval pins
      SDIO_D031 (SDIO_DATA_0)
      SDIO_D130 (SDIO_DATA_1)
      SDIO_D235 (SDIO_DATA_2)
      SDIO_D334 (SDIO_DATA_3)
      42 (HIB_REG_ON_IN)
      GNDJ8_pin8 (VIN_EXT)





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          The CYW943907AEVAL1F is a standalone ARM with Wi-Fi interface. Are you thinking of making the CYW943907 emulate an SDIO device?  I suspect the SDIO pins on the CYW943907AEVAL1F are meant to be a master for an SDIO target device.  You could look at using SPI, I2C or even Ethernet to provide some type of comms link between the CYW943907AEVAL1F and pi. 

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            The previous answer is correct, will elaborate. CYW43907 is an integrated Host MCU + WiFi device. The stack and all the protocols are controlled by CR4 Host MCU. There is no direct access to the WiFi radio through an external interface. It is a standalone device is programmed through the WICED Studio SDK.


            If you are looking for options to Pair with a Raspberry PI, I would suggest CYW4343W which is actually present on the PI Zero W or the CYW43455 which is available in PI 3. Unfortunately for both these devices Cypress does not make a kit with the Radio only. The development kits will have the Radio directly connected to a host MCU (Like a PSoC 6 or STMF4) and it will be very difficult to isolate the traces to plugin a different host.


            You could get in touch with one of our module vendors (click on the modules tab), some of them carry eval boards without a host MCU on board.

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              Thank you for the detailed answers. This is really helpful, as I was looking to control the radio through raspberry so looks like it is not possible through SDIO interface. I just want to clarify, that if we can access the wifi radio through I2C or SPI interface?





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                The thing is you need to write an application for the ARM processor that would run the WICED SDK to interface to the WiFi radio.  Then you could create a custom comms channel via I2C or SPI to the pi.  Sounds like you're looking for a standalone Wi-Fi radio only that can plug into the pi?

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                  As a follow up question,  Murata offers a WiFi/BT module with CYW43907 chipset. 



                  Using the USB interface of this chip (not SDIO), will Raspbian OS on Pi support this?    Is there a common driver for USB based WiFi devices?


                  Also would need to support AP+STA mode for our application.