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    factory reset cy8kit-059


      Using the Kitprog I programmed the target cy8kit-059 board but the uart programming isn't working and since it's in a while(1) function it's stuck in an infinite loop. I fixed my code to limit the number of iterations but the kitprog can't find it now and I'm guessing it's because the infinite loop. Is there a way to factory reset the cy8kit-059 boards somehow? I wasn't able to find it in the documentation.

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          Kitprog  programs the target PSoC (CY8C5888LTI-LP097) on CY8CKIT-059  using 5pin SWD Reset mode of Programming.


          I don't understand what do you mean by saying that "uart programming isn't working".Kitprog supports USB-UART bridge functionality.


          Please check Kitprog User guide page#45:



          Please check for this topic "PSoC 5LP Factory Program Restore Instructions"

          Kitprog is a PSoC5LP (CY8C5868LTI-LP039) chip only on CY8CKIT-059 kit.





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            I'm just curious, but have you detached Kit-Prog from the Target board, just like below?

            If your KitProg is still with the target part, please ignore the rest of this message.



            By "the uart programming isn't working" which do you mean?

            (1) From Kit-Prog UART_PutString() does not show any output to the serial terminal on the PC.

            (2) You can not program the target using serial connection.


            If I assume that your problem is (1), it was caused by detaching the KitProg from the Target Board.

            When they were connected (initially) UART signals (P12[6] and P12[7]) were also connected

            via internal pattern of the board.


            To re-union the connection of P12[6] and P12[7],

            we need connect P12[7] on the KitProg and P12[6] on the Target board,

            and P12[6] on the KitProg and P12[7] on the Target board.







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              Sorry, rereading my question I realize that was not clear. my code to communicate with another device using UART isn't working. I have it coded in such a way where it sends a UART message and then expects back a certain UART message and if it doesn't get it then it waits a while and then does it again. This is inside a while(1) loop so it is just endlessly making this attempt. My new code has a counter to break the loop after so many attempts. I have the two boards (kit prog and target board) detached and when I connect them again using the header for the SWD pins on each boards it can't find it and the LED I set to blink every time it sends the message blinks endlessly demonstrating that my program is running an infinite loop. I can get the Kit prog to see another board that I don't have this problem but the board with the endless loop code won't show up for me to reprogram it. The kit prog is fine but I was hoping to not have to trash the taget board.

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                (Please see my reply to

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                  Please disregard (couldn't find an option to delete post). I replaced the wires connecting the two headers with a pin header and and a pin receptacle and is working now so it was just a connection issue on one board but not others it seems. Thanks for helping.