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    Issue in porting CYW43012 to mbed OS


      Hi all,


      I have a custom device that runs on STM32L4+ with CYW43012. This device runs mbed OS, so I'm porting the WICED driver for CYW43012 to mbed OS. I've manage to connect to access point but I never successfully get an IP address using DHCP. As it turns out, the DHCP request never made to the access point (I'm setting up my latop as an access point and run wireshark to capture the traffic).


      I have CYW943012EVB_04 with me and I confirm that the WICED version that I have is working properly (able to join and obtain IP address). I've put some debug messages to observe the difference between WICED original code runs on EVB compared to my port to mbed OS. I print "TX" message from wwd_thread_send_one_packet and "RX" message from wwd_thread_receive_one_packet function. So far I didn't observe significant differences other than MAC address (please see my attachments).


      Anybody have a clue where I went wrong?


      PS: You'll see that the EVB (cypress_kit.txt) send a DHCP request (TX with length 372) and get a reply, but my port (mainboard.txt) never get any reply.