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    about PSoC 3/5 Power Estimator Spreadsheet




      I found " PSoC 3/5 Power Estimator Spreadsheet" in CYPRESS download.



      Is this available for PSoC5LP?

      The current consumption under "T = 25 °C, VDDX = 2.7 V to 5.5 V, FCPU = 24 MHz" is typ 8.9mA.

      The other condition is "Sum of digital and analog IDDD + IDDA. IDDIOX for I/Os not included.

      IMO enabled, bus clock and CPU clock enabled. CPU executing complex program from flash."


      On the other hand, the current consumption in the spreadsheet is 12.1mA below.

      I think that this includes the current of both Vdda and Vddd. So, this current is larger than one in the datasheet.

      Is this correct?


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