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    FX3 GPIF to USB DMA Commit buffer failure


      HI, everyone,


            I had a problem and I don't know how to handle it:

            When I use Cypress 3014 platform(FX3) AN75779 project to achieve binocular camera  through USB super-speed transmission of images to the PC. The camera uses two OV9281 cameras. This is an 8-BIT camera. The original project used a 16-bit data camera.So the schematic is designed as follows.DQ0 to DQ7 and DQ8 to DQ15 are connected by different cameras.The two cameras are synchronized.



      When I configure the two cameras to 480P, they work normally, so I infer that my GPIF configuration is okay, but when I configure them to 720P, “DMA Reset Event: Commit buffer failure” mistake occurred.PC can receive some data, but there is no image. It is supposed that DMA has some data commit failures,but the original project is not to transfer 720p-16bit image?  My two cameras are also 16 bit(8bit+8bit) images.I made some changes as follows. Is there anything else such as DMA configuration  that needs to be changed?