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    PSoC 4 Em_EEPROM code issue


      I had the em_eeprom block working in Creator 3. Now in Creator 4 the block has changed and that code does not work. Surprised by the lack of backward compatibility!


      Here is how I have it set. If anyone spots the problem, thanks in advance! - John


      EmEEPROM_v2_20 block:

      EEPROM Size: 64

      Redundant copy: No

      Wear Level Factor:  5x

      (Actual EEPROM size (bytes):  640


      Flash Security:

      All blocks W except the last five blocks are U


      Build settings; Linker command line:




      #define TAG 0x5a

      #define EE_SIZE 3


      static const uint8 eepromArray[] __attribute__ ((section (".EEPROMDATA"))) = { ~TAG,0,0};

      #define ee_valid_flag (*(volatile uint8 *) &eepromArray[0])

      #define ee_control_byte (*(volatile uint8 *) &eepromArray[1])

      #define ee_spare (*(volatile uint8 *) &eepromArray[2])


      uint8 ram_array[EE_SIZE];

      #define valid_flag ram_array[0]

      #define control_byte ram_array[1]  // ????temp

      #define spare ram_array[2]


      int main()





        Em_EEPROM_Read(0, ram_array, EE_SIZE); //&Em_EEPROM_context);



        Em_EEPROM_Write(0, ram_array, EE_SIZE); //&Em_EEPROM_context);


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          Em_EEPROM_Init(uint32 startAddress) needs the start address of the Em_EEPROM storage. As per the linker settings, the Em_EEPROM data storage is placed in a custom memory section called EEPROMDATA. However, you are initializing the Em_EEPROM_Init with CY_EM_EEPROM_FLASH_BASE_ADDR (0x00000000u) which returns failure. PSoC 4 do not have seperate Em_EEPROM memory section. It emulates EEPROM using flash. Hence, the CY_EM_EEPROM_FLASH_BASE_ADDR points to flash base ie, 0x00000000u.


          Please modify Em_EEPROM_Init to following and you should be good to go.


          Em_EEPROM_Init((uint32_t) eepromArray);


          Go to CE195313 PSoC Emulated EEPROM for Em_EEPROM code example using the new Em_EEPROM component.

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            Thank you, that fixed it! - John