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    CYW20735 ACLK on pin



      I'm trying to output a clock on a GPIO pin but having zero luck!


      This is the test code:

          wiced_hal_gpio_select_function(WICED_P29, WICED_ACLK_0);                                // line 1

          //wiced_hal_gpio_configure_pin(WICED_P29, GPIO_OUTPUT_ENABLE, GPIO_PIN_OUTPUT_HIGH);    // line 2

          wiced_hal_aclk_enable(1000000, ACLK0, ACLK_FREQ_24_MHZ);                                // line 3


      I have tried with line 2 both commented and not commented and tried ACLK_1, ACLK_FREQ_1_MHZ and many different output frequencies but nothing works.

      If the GPIO is configured as an output and toggled as fast as possible I can see this on the scope so my test environment is OK.


      Please help!