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    Fx3 hid example speed


      Hi guys! Thanks a ton for your previous help, I have one more question.


      Im currently sitting with the hid example, and are trying to reverse engineer it for a specific purpose, but have ran in to a brickwall.

      Basically what I want is to decrease the time it takes between packages sent, in this example the curse rotation on the pc.


      Trying to formulate the question in a few different ways to be as precise as possible:


      Currently it sends the information at ca 400 packages (polls) per second, how do I increase that?


      The mouse pointer rotation on a desktop is just under one second, how do I decrease that?


      That is basically the same question but with different examples, mainly I need to tweak it to 2000 per second (known as polling rate in usb2) for what I'm trying to create


      Hope you understand my point and thanks in advance