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    BCM94390WCD2 dash error on 64-bit Linux



      I'm trying to run the snip.scan example for a BCM94390WCD2 module connected to a 64-bit linux laptop.  In the WICED SDK (version 3.1.2), I run the command:


      ./make snip.scan-BCM94390WCD2 download run


      which runs fine up until the following point:


      6592 bytes written at address 0x0020001c

      downloaded 6592 bytes in 0.126069s (51.063 KiB/s)

      ****************** Result: OK

      shutdown command invoked

      Downloading DCT ...

      ./tools/common/Linux64/dash: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

      make[1]: *** [FILESYSTEM_IMAGE_DOWNLOAD] Error 2

      make: *** [main_app] Error 2


      Any idea how to fix / workaround this issue?  dash is a binary file so can't debug it.  I've previously run this test on a BCM943362WCD4 module with the same linux laptop without any issues.