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    PSoC 4 BLE: Erase flash does not work


      Hi all,

      I'm working on a PSoC 4 BLE with a CY8CKIT-143A PSoC kit.

      In order to start the production phase, I configured the Bluetooth Device Address of my board writing the ID inside the Row0 of the SFLASH. As suggested, I used the software tool "PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update" inside the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Misc\PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update\Executable".

      Everything works well and the SFLASH is not reset every time I reprogram the firmware, so the device adrress will never change.

      Anyway, now I would like to reset the entire flash because I have to apply the protected mode for the device security.

      I tried to use the "PSoC Programmer 3.28.0" inside the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer": I clicked on "Erase All Flash", then reprogrammed the firmware and checked for the device address but this has not been erased.

      So I would like to know what should I do in order to erase my device.

      Thank you to everyone.

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          The Erase All function performs a series of steps that destroys the user data in the Flash banks. This function also resets the protection block in each Flash bank to unprotected. It will not erase the user SFlash region.


          You can use the software tool "PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update" to reset everything by writing 0x00 to the rows.




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