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    CY8CKIT-028-EPD E-Ink Display Shield Drivers




      I'm currently developing prototype hardware which makes use of an E-paper display. For this I have chosen to use the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit with E-Ink Display Shield, which features a 2.7" EPD from Pervasive Displays. For evaluating the display performance, I have also sourced some additional 2.7" EPDs from Pervasive Displays which have been integrated with a front-light panel.


      Unfortunately all new 2.7" EPDs from Pervasive Displays are the Aurora Ma (V230) model (part number E2271BS021), whereas the Cypress E-Ink Display Shield uses the now obsolete Aurora Mb (V231) model (part number E2271CS021). The driving method for these 2 parts is different, so the default drivers don't work properly for the E2271BS021 display. The differences can be seen in the attached driver specifications for both parts.


      Does Cypress have any availability for PSoC Creator drivers for the newer screen model? Are there any open-source E2271BS021 drivers which can be integrated easily into PSoC Creator project? Github has come up dry for me.




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          Hello Marcus,


          Went through both the driver document files and there is a change in the way the frame is written (i.e Frame type and Block type) in the newer display. The rest of the initialization and timing remains the same.


          You need to redesign the void Pv_EINK_FullStageHandler() function inside the pervasive_eink_hardware_driver.c file to support these new changes. I'm afraid we do not have anything readily available.