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    Can NOT output debug info in app wwd.canned_send


      I want to get the debug info in app wwd.canned_send from sdk 3.1.2.


      I commented these lines in NoOS_canned_send.c:


      /* In release builds all UART printing is TURNED OFF to remove printf and malloc dependency which reduces memory usage dramatically YIN REN ZHU MU DI */

      //#ifndef DEBUG

      //#undef  WPRINT_APP_INFO

      //#define WPRINT_APP_INFO(args)



      other Code from the Wiced-SDK-3.1.2-IDE-Installer.exe are NOT modified.


      I can NOT get the debug info yet from the WICED USB Serial Port( it can work well with other app) after making target.


      open the declatration as follwing:


      WPRINT_APP_INFO(("\nPlatform " PLATFORM " initialised\n"));


      #define WPRINT_APP_INFO(args) WPRINT_MACRO(args)


      #define WPRINT_MACRO(args) do {printf args;} while(0==1)




      Could you please tell me what is wrong? I appreciate your help.