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    S25FL064L trouble


      I always successfully used the S25FL064P in our design with Xilinx Spartan 6. Now the S25FL064P is obsolete and use the S25FL064L for the first time. Until now not successfully. I will list the log dump below. Bypass the ID check in iMPACT with XIL_IMPACT_SKIPIDCODECHECK is done. FLASH selection:


      I hope that anyone can help me.


      INFO:iMPACT - Current time: 28-3-2019 9:49:54

      PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation.

      '1': SPI access core not detected. SPI access core will be downloaded to the device to enable operations.

      INFO:iMPACT - Downloading core file C:/Xilinx/14.7/LabTools/LabTools/spartan6/data/xc6slx150_spi.cor.

      '1': Downloading core...

      LCK_cycle = NoWait.

      LCK cycle: NoWait


      '1': Reading status register contents...

      INFO:iMPACT:2219 - Status register values:

      INFO:iMPACT - 0011 1100 1110 1100

      INFO:iMPACT:2492 - '1': Completed downloading core to device.

      '1': ID Check passed.

      '1': ID Check passed.

      '1': Erasing Device.

      '1': Using Sector Erase.

      '1': Erasing non-volatile quad-enable bit...

      '1': Programming Flash.

      '1': Reading device contents...

      Failed at address, 1293056

      '1': Verification Terminated

      INFO:iMPACT - '1': Flash was not programmed successfully.

      PROGRESS_END - End Operation.

      Elapsed time =    278 sec.