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    Using RPA with whitelisting and bonding


      1. I have created a peripheral server using a PSoC4 BLE with Bluetooth v. 4.2.

      2. I want the device to bond with an iPad so that if the device is power cycled it will reconnect with the iPad without user action.

      3. The device has no display or keyboard and has only a single push button which is used to terminate the bond and prepare it to pair and bond with the same or a different iPad.

      4. Everything seems to be working well except if, after bonding, everything is left alone for a while it will then be unable to connect with the iPad unless I go through the process of re-pairing and re-bonding.  I presume that this is because it is not handling the Resolvable Private Address correctly when the iPad decides to change it. 

      5. Does my code have to do anything to cause it to resolve the address or is it handled automatically by the Link Layer?

      6. When un-bonding, my code clears the whitelist and Bonded devices list. Does it also have to clear the RPA list?

      7. In the BLE component configuration screens (Profiles, Custom, Server, Generic Access, Central Address Resolution should it's value be set to "Supported"?



      Please note:  I have already checked out the BLE_4.2_DataLength_Security_Privacy04.cywrk example and, frankly I can't tell what I need and what I don't since the example combines Data Length Extension, LE Secure connection and Link Layer Privacy all together instead of making three separate examples, which would be a lot more useful.  In addition, it provides a number of options which can apparently be changed by use of a keyboard, etc.  and, finally, it appears to me that the designer didn't use the BLE component configurator in PSoC Creator but, instead made all the settings (and changed them) in code.  Clever, but really confusing. 



      I'd be really grateful for some elementary guidance on using RPA with whitelisting and bonding.


      Thanks for for your help,