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    MBR3002 Question


      A quick question: In MBR3002 when touch, what’s the duration of the output ‘0’? 200ms?

      In a prototype, the 2 buttons work properly. but at field customer says sometimes both buttons are activated at the same time.

      I suspect their software not set the time properly.

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          I assume that you mean the response time, by duration of the output.

          I used MBR3 design toolbox to calculate the response time. Please check out the attached image.


          For MBR3002 device, IIR and median filters are enabled, scan period is 120 ms and debounce is 3.

          Scan period for active mode is 20 ms by default.


          So, it would take at least 120 ms for the next button to be activated.


          Could you probably send us wave forms explaining the behavior seen at the customer's end?



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            But the info I got from the customer may be wrong. I thought both buttons react for one click. So I think it may be the IO active time causing the issue (I search datasheet, for MBR3000 series, the auto-reset period is 5s~20s, adjustable). I suggest them that in their software, button1 and button2 processing should mutual latched.



            However, they said. When click the ON button, the image responds immediately, but when click the OFF button, the image respond until the finger leave the button, see attached video. There is no such thing in my prototype which uses LED to see the response.

            What causes this? Can you suggest some remedy method for this problem?



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              If you are using the MBR3002, There is nothing you can change.  The operation is simple, if you press a button, you get the corresponding GPIO output.  Press 2 buttons, you get both outputs. Remove your finger, the GPIO resets.


              The Sensor auto-reset is only if a button is “stuck” or held for a long time.  The sensor will reset after 20 seconds (the GPIO will reset).  It has nothing to do with the operation shown in the video.


              I suggest that you bring the 2 GPIOs from the 3002 out to pins in the customer system to confirm that the GPIO’s are reacting properly to the button presses.  If they are, then the issue is in their system software and how it responds to presses.



              Corey S. Wilner

              Fellow Field Applications Engineer


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                Thank you very much.

                Most likely it is their application software problem. probably as their controller starts processing button2 IO, not properly processed until next loop cycle.

                I will suggest them to use a scope to check the touch and IO response.

                Once again, thanks.