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    CYBT-353027-02 certification label




      Our customer would like to try to evaluate CYBT-353027-02 for their handy gas sensor equipment.

      They have already had CYBT-353027-EVAL for the evaluation.


      1) Can customer use CYBT-353027-EVAL in Japan ?

      Actually customer could not find MIC certification mark at the EVB.

      On the other hand CYBT-353027-02 has already been certified conformance to technical standards that number is 203-JN0859.


      2) How to get the labeling of MIC for customer Production ?

      In case of customer production, it is needed to identify the certification mark on the module or final products.

      How our end customer get the certification label ?


      It would be appreciated if someone advise the above two inquiries.


      Best regards