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    WiFi Scan


      Is there any API in WICED studio to check if the device is currently scanning for wifi networks?

      There is a function to suppress the scan, but I could not find any function to check if there is an ongoing scan.

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          please have a check in snip.scan,  we have a handle which will be triggered when scan is finished.

          you can add semaphore to judge if scan is complete.


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            I am using the following function, which does not have any semaphore input:


            wwd_result_t wwd_wifi_scan( wiced_scan_type_t                              scan_type,

                                        wiced_bss_type_t                               bss_type,

                                        /*@null@*/ const wiced_ssid_t*                 optional_ssid,

                                        /*@null@*/ const wiced_mac_t*                  optional_mac,

                                        /*@null@*/ /*@unique@*/ const uint16_t*        optional_channel_list,

                                        /*@null@*/ const wiced_scan_extended_params_t* optional_extended_params,

                                        wiced_scan_result_callback_t                   callback,

                                        wiced_scan_result_t**                          result_ptr,

                                        /*@null@*/ void*                               user_data,

                                        wwd_interface_t                                interface


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                I think the wiced_scan_result_callback_t callback and wiced_scan_result_t can give you the scan status as you wanted,  need your help to have a check .

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                wiced_scan_result_t does not have any semaphore fields.


                wiced_scan_result_callback_t is called as soon as a result is available. So it is usually called several times during the scan process.

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                  The third parameter of the following function


                  static void scan_results_handler( wiced_scan_result_t** result_ptr, void* user_data, wiced_scan_status_t status )


                  is the current status of the scan process:


                  typedef enum





                  } wiced_scan_status_t;


                  this variable can be used to check if the scan has completed!

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