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    how to change the device name in PSoC Creator 3.3



      In PSoC Creator 3.3 I tried to change the device name in the project "CYPD3120-40LQXI_dp_dongle" from CYPD3120-40LQXIT to CYPD3125-40LQXIT I got the following error message in building:


      1. pft.M0076: The selected device for the Bootloader and Bootloadable projects must match, but don't. Bootloader is targeting 'CYPD3120-40LQXIT' and Bootloadable is targeting 'CYPD3125-40LQXIT'.


      2. cdf.M0005: CyDsFit aborted due to error, please address all errors and rerun CyDsFit.


      I found somebody else had the same problem in the Cypress forum and was told to "Change in your bootloadable the reference."


      Could you please advise how to make the change?


      Also I found the file boot.h has an error in 258 line: bool boot_start(void); Could you tell me if it is a wrong file?


      The project "CYPD3120-40LQXI_dp_dongle"  is downloaded from Cypress website.



      Derong Yuan