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    How to force CX3 to ReNumerate?




      In the bootloader I am creating I am trying to add the functionality that when a specific vendor request is being sent, I want the device to ReNumerate without causing a cold reset to the system. Though since I do not exactly understand what steps renumeration involves, I would appreciate your insight on how to do it as well as perhaps explaining what happens to the system during renumeration.


      The bootloader is based on CyFx3Boot library.


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          Hello Georgios,


          - To disconnect and re-connect the device through the vendor command, you can use the CyFx3BootUsbConnect() API with the appropriate value of the connect parameter.

          - When the device disconnects and re-connects, the host sees the re-enumeration as a new device connection and queries the descriptor details. The device firmware which had the callback functions to handle the setup data requests from the host get executed to provide the descriptor information. The firmware then continues its flow of execution in the vendor command.


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          Srinath S