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    Application download to CYBT-343026 module with host processor


      We wish to use standard (rather than WICED) HCI commands.  I have created a do-nothing app for the module and am implementing the UART protocol to download it.  I am following section 2.6 in the WICED HCI UART Control Protocol specification.


      I send the HCI_RESET command and receive the expected 7 byte response.


      I am leaving the UART at the default speed of 115200, so I am not sending the UPDATE_BAUDRATE command or trying to read a response.


      I send the DOWNLOAD_MINIDRIVER command, but don't receive the expected response.  That is, I send:

                      01 2E FC 00

      and receive:

                      04 0E 04 01 2E FC 0C


      According to the information in the document, the last byte should be 00.


      Unfortunately, the document doesn't indicate what the fields in the response indicate.  Do you have any information on that?  Assuming that the last byte is a status or error code, do you know what 0x0C means?


      Also, my goal here is to verify that I can download apps from the connected CPU.  That will be verified in this case by the BT module responding to normal HCI commands.