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    CYW954907AEVAL1F IPv6 problem




      right now im getting into the WLAN capabilities of the CYW54907 with said development board.

      I use the Config_join_ping code example to get the basics, but a problem has occured for me.


      My PC is in the network connected via ethernet.

      The dev board is connected to the network via WLAN.


      Both IPv4 and IPv6 are configured on PC and board.

      Now when i ping the IPs, there are some problems coming up and right now im out of ideas what could cause them:


      PC pings board with IPv4 -> answer
      PC pings board with IPv6 -> answer


      Board pings PC with IPv4 -> answer

      Board pings PC with IPv6 -> packages lost

      BUT: Colleagues PC pings my PC with IPv6 -> answer


      So my PC can be pinged by another PC via IPv6, but when i try to ping the same IPv6 with the CYW954907AEVAL1F, i always loose 100% of the packages.


      What could cause this behaviour? Is there anything else i neet set up to use IPv6 with the board?


      EDIT: Seems i found one possible reason, the ping-command only resolves IPv4 ping attempts and it seems the IPv6 is converted wrong. Ill dig into that