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    How to transmit very large file to the CYUSB3014 by the control center


      Dear All,


      I want to transmit large amount of data to the CYUSB3014 by the control center. A FPGA is always reading the FIFO of CYUSB3014. The USB firmware and the FPGA verilog files are just the ones provided by the guideline AN65974.


      There are two issues:

      1) The CYUSB3014 can only be connected to the USB2.0 port of my PC. If it is connected to the USB3.0 port. The Control Center and the PC Device Manager keep flashing. The

      2) The data can be transmitted successfully to CYUSB3014 if the txt file is 30MB. However, it fails when the file is about 70MB. I am sure the FPGA does not finish the data reading. So I guess it is the problem of the code in CYUSB3014.


      I have tried many days, but I still cannot figure it out. Could anyone please help me to solve these two problems?