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    Need an up-gradable Stack example for PSOC6 that runs solely on the M4 core


      I’m working with the Upgradable Stack example code for the PSoC6 in Creator 4.2. It looks like when I attempt to generate the example code targeting CY8C6316BZI-BLF03, our intended part that only has the M4F core available, Creator still generates the example code for CY8C6347BZI-BLD53. This MCU has two cores and the launcher code appears to run on the M0 core. When I change the targeted device back to the CY8C6316BZI-BLD03 part, Creator dutifully clears out all the M0 code, and now I have no launcher.


      Do I have to port the code over to the M4F core or is there perhaps a code example about for all three projects of the upgradable stack on the single-core PSoC6 parts?