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    Choice of power supply



      The data sheet reads clearly "PSoC 6 MCU can be powered by a single supply with a wide voltage range, from 1.7 V to 3.6 V" but I guess everything has a price so what would be the consequence in terms of performance between supplying the chip with say 2.8v and 3.3v ?


      My application:

      • Will be battery-powered (lithium ion) so it makes sense to me to use a low voltage so that I could potentially use the battery almost though its full range (4.2v down to 2.5v) as it discharges.
      • Will use BLE continuously for a few hours to communicate with a smartphone. Is there any loss of transmission quality at low voltage? (I imagine the range is shorter).
      • Will use a few analog inputs to read the value of sensors. What happen to ADC precision at low voltage e.g. 2.8v ?


      Given these constraints, what would be the ideal supply voltage ?


      Thanks !

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          PSoC has internal regulators which provides a regulated core voltage  1.1 V or 0.9 V. All the digital peripherals inside PSoC use this regulated voltage. So there will not be any significant change in performance at at voltages 2.8 to 3.3 volts.


          Analog peripherals also work flawlessly at 2.8 volts VDDA. But we recommended to use higher voltages if possible. Because for example in IDAC, more the drop across the IDAC, more the accuracy of IDAC.