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    Bootloader_utils.dll not a valid dll


      I have created a Visual Studio project based on the Bootloader Host application downloaded from your web site.

      The application runs Ok both in debug and in release mode.

      I have added an Installer project to my solution so that I can create an Install wizzard to allow my customers to install the application on their own computer.

      In solution explorer, in the installer project, under 'Detected dependances' it lists CyUSB.DLL and .net framework. It has not detected Bootloader_Utils.DLL resulting in it not being included in the install package.

      In an attempt to make Bootloader_Utils.DLL visible to the installer project, I tried adding it under 'References' in my application project, but got the message that it was not a valid DLL.

      The DLL was created following the instructions in the document AN73503_USB_HID_Bootloader_for_PSoC_3_and_PSoC_5LP_0.pdf downloaded from your web site using Visual Studio 2015 community edition.

      I have tried re-creating the DLL using Visual Studio 2017 community edition and get the same results in both versions

      In VS2017, the dialog for creating a new solution is different to that described in the PDF document

      I selected the project type as C++ Blank project. There is nothing in the project creation dialog for selecting the project type as a DLL. This was done in the project properties  option on the Project menu. under Configuration Properties>General I set Configuration type to DLL and Target Extension to .DLL

      After adding all the .H and .C files to the project, I had to add WIN32 to C++>Preprocessor>Preprocessor definitions  in the project properties in order for it to compile without errors.

      How can I add the DLL into my project so that it is visible as a dependancy in the installer project?