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    Changing my Cy7c63743-sc so that windows 10 can see it as a hid instead of a mouse?


      So I have a kensington expert mouse pro trackball mouse that kensingtion no longer supports.  Meaning that I can no longer rebind the mouse buttons and things to use it how I please.  Here is a pic of it.  https://dl2.pushbulletusercontent.com/XoxPa5DGwzgu2Ck6dC21C7tvfa2lNbVC/IMG_1489.JPG


      The idea is that I would want to change the mouse so that the computer sees it as a Human interface device and not a mouse.  Inside the mouse is a pcb with a Cy7C63743-SC chip soldered to it.  The mouse connects to the computer with a usb cable. 


      I was able to dig up some docs on the chip, but I have no idea where to begin.  There just doesn't seem to be any tutorials out there for Cypress products.  I'm essentially starting from scratch to learn about this stuff.  Where should I begin in order to understand how to give the chip instructions on how to use the hardware the way I want to?  What Language is the chip's script written in?  Can I rewrite over what is already on the chip?  Should I be able to write to the chip through the mouse's usb cable?


      I have some experience with arduino, python, and VBA.