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    PSoC Programmer COM - SMBus I2C




      I'm developing a communication between a software written in Python and a PSoC 4.

      I would like to implement a I2C communication based on the SMBus protocol: in particular I need to develop in python a function that implements the Block Process Call (see SMBus).


      I'm currently using PSoC Programmer COM and MiniProg3 to send/receive data from the computer to the PSoC: I'm using function  I2C_DataTransfer() to send or receive data, but I would like to implement the Block Process Call.


      Is this possible?


      Also, is there a function to compute the PEC (error checking)??


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          Yes SMBus being a lightweight implementation of I2C should theoretically work with the PSoC as well. However, I don't believe we have tested something like this and you will probably be the first. Cannot guarantee anything at this point.


          Did you try developing a script? Please do share it, if you have one, it can give us a head start on development on this regard. Will try it from our end and we can start a discussion to get this to work