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    Antenna Design to work with LTC5505 RF detector at  250Mhz to 450 Mhz,


      Hi Community, I'm Eugenio Mercol from Argentina.

      I'm designing an RF detector, using LTC5505 device, manufactured by Analogic Device Company.


      Short project description and trouble.

      It´s a device that can detect RF signal present in the air, once the signal is detected, and the RSSI value exceed a defined value, the device generate a vibratoring advising, sonoric advising an luminic advising.


      This device will be carried by the people like a wereable device, and will be carried all the time.


      I´m stucked in the antenna design.

      I already download the AN91445 Antenna Design and RF Layout Guidelines.pdf  document, (that is a really very good document, Thanks to Tapan Pattnayak!!) but I can't see how calculate the MIFA or  IFA length for the frecuencies beetwen  300 to 450 Mhz.


      Project Details.

      PCB type and Size: two sides,  30mm x 35mm (keychain type)

      Device Size: 30mm, x 45mm

      Kind of components used: SMD

      Power Source: Alkaline 12V A23S cell

      Operation Voltage: 3V

      Space defined for the antenna in the PCB: 13mm x 22mm.

      Range of detection needed: up to 20 meters

      Frecuencies detected: beetwen 300 to 450 Mhz

      Only for RF reception

      Never will be an RF transmisor.

      It will be carried by the people,  inside the pants pocket.




      1* - Based in the description about, antenna space available, place where the device will be carried by the persons, frequency range, and sensibility needed for up to 20 meters detection. What kind of antenna do you recommend to me, MIFA or IFA?



      2* - Depending the kind of the anntena selected. How Can I calculate the length of the antenna?


      Thank you very much!