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    Signed driver for CY8c24894



      I’m using PSOC CY8C24894-24LTXI.
      Some devices we produce have USB on board. The USB have a simple standard communication profile.
      We bought through USB.org our own VID PID code for our product and right now we use the Cypress standard communication driver for windows XP.
      Modern Operating Systems like windows 10 need, to properly work, a driver signature and we don’t have it.
      We tried to use other VID PID (Cypress) in our devices and everything work fine.
      So, what solution can Cypress suggest us to solve this problem?  
      Take in account that we already have our own VID PID and we don’t need a new one.
      We do not need to certificate our hardware through Microsoft.
      We do not need a special windows driver, the one used from Operating System is working well.

      Thank you very much for your support