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    How much AON availabble to user (CYW43907)?


      I know the CYW43907 has 8KB of AON memory. It looks like the tiny bootloader resides in this area and the binary is 4.76 KB. Is the remaining space available for my application to store information across a SW reset or is some of the space allocated for other uses?

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          Your understanding is correct. Besides the tiny_bootloader, the AONRAM also contains deep sleep variables.

          Check the ld script app_without_rom.ld



              .always_on_ram :


                  . = ALIGN(4);



              } > AONRAM


          You can use the space to declare some variables as

          static <variable_datatype> WICED_DEEP_SLEEP_SAVED_VAR( <variable_name> );

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