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      Hi everybody.i want to run zigbee module(MRF24J40) with psoc5 and in spi mode.now i can initial module but i have some problem.

      MRF24j40 has a int pin that i connected it to psoc5 to detect recive message and read own register.bet i cant do it?

      another question is there anybody that have a good library to use MRF24j40?

      please help me it is very important for me...

      my project is attached...

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          Just went through your code. Inside your ISR please call "isr_mrf_int_ClearPending();". Can you debug and elaborate more on the problem? Is the interrupt being generated?


          And if the interrupt is being generated, you are calling a function "int_detect ();" which returns the status of a read command. You can check if something is being returned or not.


          About good library for MRF24J40, I don't think we have any.  But I checked the initialization code etc. and it looks fine to me.