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    Replacing CYBLE-022001-00 module with drop-in compatible CYBLE-222005-00




      My team is developing embedded device that uses CYBLE-022001-00. We want to replace current module with CYBLE-222005-00 since it has twice as much flash and ram. In datasheet it says "Drop-in compatible with CYBLE-022001-00 and includes additional VREF input". On our pcb design VREF pin is floating, it's not connected.


      Module has been replaced on 8 custom boards and we are experiencing these problems:

      - Our CY8CKIT-042-BLE PIONEER BASEBOARD that we use as programmer doesn't detect modules (on 7 custom boards).

      - On one board we can detect module and program it, but connection breaks sporadically in debug mode and it seems like firmware on module is not running.

      - All our custom boards worked perfectly with CYBLE-022001-00.


      Regarding this we have few questions.

      Is there some critical differences between these two modules, except additional VREF pin? Is it mandatory to connect VREF pin? Do you have some recommendation regarding detecting and debugging problems we are experiencing? Another module that is drop-in compatible is CYBLE-222014-01, should we consider testing our boards with this module - should that give us different results?