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    CYW4343W + STM32F411: BLE & Wi-Fi, memory issues




      I am working with a Sterling-LWB module (CYW4343W) + STM32F411 microcontroller (discovery board), and have been trying to build a simple app with BLE & Wi-Fi functionality at the same time. (SDK Version 6.2.1)


      I am running into the same problems as others on recent community threads, GKI_create_task failing, example debug output:

           00:00:02.720000 GKI_create_task thread_evt_queue failed(8), HCISU!


      BLE / Wi-Fi each seperately work as expected, for example when i comment out wiced_bt_stack_init(...) or wiced_network_up(...), respectively.


      I am looking for any pointers where to start to get this to work: Has any one else had success running BLE & Wi-Fi at the same time on a STM32 MCU ?



      Thanks for any help ! Best regards

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          If you are using a 26M clock for 43438 with a Sterling-LWB module , please modify :




          const char brcm_patch_version[] = "BCM4343A1_001.002.009.0083.0000_Generic_UART_26MHz_wlbga_wiced";


          const uint8_t brcm_patchram_format = 0x01;


          const unsigned char brcm_patchram_buf[] =


          I used another evb name CYW4343WWCD1_EVB,  below demo can run correctly:


          demo.ble_introducer-CYW94343WWCD1_EVB download run

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            Thank you!
            This works for the example (and my own modified snippets) by moving the ~35kB brcm_patchram_buf from
            SRAM to Flash, effectively freeing up RAM
            (I am using the 37_4 MHz clock so I modified bt_firmware_controller.c in the corresponding directory)