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    CYW943907AEVAL1F. SD card not mounting with exFAT filesystem



      I'm trying the snip.sd_filesystem application in Wiced Studio with the CYW43907 eval board and a 2GB SD Card.

      In the sd_filesystem.mk makefile I have enabled FileX and exFAT support, as follows:


      # for SD/MMC card support


      USING_FILEX := yes

      # default stack size was WICED_DEFAULT_APPLICATION_STACK_SIZE, 6K

      # needs big stack size for deep directory processing


      # enable FileX exFAT


      $(NAME)_COMPONENTS := filesystems/FileX


      However, the system always fails to mount the filesystem, regardless if the scared is formatted as exFAT or FAT16/32.

      If I comment out the FX_ENABLE_EXFAT constant and format the sdcard as FAT16/32, the snip application works as expected.

      So, the exFAT support seems not to be working. Is there anything else to do to enable the exFAT support with FileX?

      I know that FAT32 is more than enough for a 2GB sdcard, but I'd like to understand if the system can really work with exFAT or not.


      Thank you for the assistance.