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    PDL 2.1.0 Dual Timer Channel 1 unusable


      We found out, that the PDL 2.1.0 has a defect that makes DT channel 1 unusable.

      We are using the MB9BF368N and need the DT.

      Is that problem resoleved and anybody has a solution?

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          You are correct. This is a known issue as shown in PDL2.1.0 release note. Sorry for missed it.

          Currently, there is no verified workaround for this issue. As for the PDL2.1.0, there is no concrete schedule for the next release. I tend to believe PDL2.1.0 is the final release.

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            Please make the following changes in DT.c driver file;


            (1) In the DtGetInternDataPtr API, please comment *ppstcDt = &((*ppstcDt)[u8Channel]);

            (2) Modify the DtIrqHandler2 handler to following;


            void DtIrqHandler2()


                volatile stc_dtn_t*  pstcDt;

                stc_dt_intern_data_t* pstcDtInternData;


                pstcDt = &DT0;

                pstcDtInternData = &m_astcDtInstanceDataLut[0].stcInternData;


                if (TRUE == pstcDt->TIMER2RIS_f.TIMER2RIS) /* Timer 0 interrupt? */


                    pstcDt->TIMER2INTCLR = 0u; /* Clear interrupt */


                    /* Check for callback function pointer */

                    if (NULL != pstcDtInternData->pfnIrqCallbackIntern[1])



                        pstcDtInternData->pfnIrqCallbackIntern[1]() ;




            } /* DtIrqHandler */