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    Fixed Stack Bootloader - compatibility of bootloader with various bootloadables




      We are using the Fixed Stack Bootloader example and we have a basic version of the bootloader (let's call it V1) which supports several bootloadable applications.

      These bootloaders are burned on one thousand devices at the moment.


      We are planning in the future to make a change to the bootloader (let's call it V2) and install it on the second batch of devices (an additional 1 thousand devices). For those devices, the bootloadable application  will also change but we would like to load that bootloadable version also on the first batch of devices with bootloader V1. How can we guarantee that they will be compatible?


      I ask since we sometimes see that even if the bootloadble version hasn't changed but the bootloader changed, then the same cyacd file won't work with both bootloaders but rather only with the bootloader it was compiled with. We need to find a solution for this. Any suggestions?